Feedbacknation x Borrowlenses


Welcome back #feedbacknation! We hope you’re all having a smooth week. Tonight we are super pumped to be hosting our very first giveaway sponsored by @borrowlenses / Find out how to participate below!

1. Respond. What camera do you shoot with?
2. Ask a question to someone who shoots with a different camera
3. Tag 3 of your friends
4. Follow @borrowlenses for a chance to win a $100 gift certificate for rentals



"What doesfeedbacknation mean to you?"

To me, #feedbacknation means a growing community of photographers who want to help each other improve and are willing to share some of their tips with each other. Whether you're just a hobbyist photographer or a professional, you're part of #feedbacknation because you want to help others out. It's a great place to get advice from people of all skill levels and all different styles and to give your own advice, too. I have been trying to find a community on Instagram and I'm very excited to have found this one early on! Keep it up - I really look forward to the posts (so much so that I have post notifications turned on!) and to being part of the conversations on them.