Limelight [Forrest Smith @lostintheforrest]

Forrest Smith - image.jpeg

1. Where are you from & why did you join Feedbacknation?

I'm from Colorado, live in Oregon, and love the community that Feedback Nation offers. It is truly a place to engage others and be engaged. I love it.

2. What inspires you to create art?

I love being able to connect with others through experience and emotion. Art is the perfect medium for this interaction.

3. What about you, would you like the nation to know?

Eventually I want to be able to support myself and my travels solely off of photography.

4. (Optional) This is your canvas. Tell the nation anything you'd like. This can be anything from a personal story to goals and aspirations you have.

Before photography, I spent all my time on the track and skiing. I'm actually an all-American Nordic skier and ran for a year in college. Now, photography is my passion.

Instagram: @lostintheforrest