Limelight [Herry Himanshu -]

1. Where are you from & why did you join Feedbacknation?

I'm from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. The reason I joined FBN was that it's a very unique community, unlike other hub/feature pages that just share other people's work for the sake of building up their own account so they can benefit from it themselves, mostly financially. From what I have seen at FBN, you guys seem to actually care about artists, and really believe in building a friendly and super talented community through engagement, nothing I've seen before on any page that just posts someone's image and forgets about engaging. No wonder you guys have picked up in no time, because the community values you back too. Keep up the great work, FBN!

2. What inspires you to create art?

I try to gather inspiration from wherever I can, be it some talented friends in person, or images on the Internet, or some awesome people on Instagram. Inspiration is in the air, haha. I'm a sucker for adventures, and I consider myself so lucky to have found Instagram as this amazing platform to follow along some awesome people's adventures, and communities like FBN that connect you with the people who share the same interests as you.

3. What about you, would you like the nation to know?

I joined Instagram about a couple years ago, and looking at people posting great images from their phones, so I started taking photos with my iPhone too, and when I actually understood the basic concepts of photography, I decided to buy my first DSLR camera last year, and it has really expanded my vision ever since. I absolutely love going out to the mountains! Stunning landscapes are my jam. I live in the prairies, so there's always stunning sunrises and sunsets to capture. And Northern Lights ftw in the nights!